Grand Designs!

Somewhere back in the mists of time, not long after the Norman invasion itself, Mr. Peter Gallagher inaugurated a Castle-building Competition amongst the First Years at St. Conleth’s and over the subsequent centuries it has developed into one of the most prestigious competitive events at the school. The rules are simple: build a castle (by yourself, not with your parents or your architect auntie!) and earn points for historical accuracy and creativity. We always enjoy the influx of inspired and even outlandish concoctions which for a few weeks take up every horizontal surface in the school. Yes, apparently not all Conlethians build their castles merely out of air!  

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This year, Ms. Speller was in charge and, having been raised in a fortified Norman tower house in the badlands of Rathgar, she certainly had the required experience to draw the best from the boys and girls. We had castles made of Lego, wood, styrofoam, cardboard and something edible (at least we hope it was!). And who is the 2019 ‘King of the Castle’?  You will have to wait till the Awards Ceremony at the end of term for the dramatic announcement.  In the meantime, enjoy the pictures above and below of all the castles and castle-builders, and if you have a spare farthing, the TYs are running a book on the competition, for purely charitable purposes- of course.

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