Gordon, Well Done!

The busiest of a busy St. Conleth’s staff crew must be Gordon Weldon, our Guidance Counsellor: everybody wants a piece of him! Besides guiding all our Sixth Years through the whole daunting CAO (an UCAS and SAT and…) process, he also provides the other (and more important) type of guidance: making sure the students’ ‘heads are in the right places’: a job made all the more important and demanding in these post-plague days.

Mr. Weldon’s office has always been an oasis of peace and calm in our hectic corner of the world: and, now, thanks to the two professionally installed murals, it also looks like one! Mei kindly modelled the two vibrant scenes for us: one detailling the STEM step-by-step route to security, and the other a halcyon vision of the dreaming spires of the humanities’ yearning for truth and justice. Whichever route you choose, Mr. Weldon will be there to help you… and somehow also find time to perform some much needed Parking Lot PTSD counselling for the staff!