Good News Story!

With all this moaning and groaning about restrictions and our rather depressing obsession with ratting out covid non-compliers, we needed a ‘good news story’ to lift our spirits and remind us that, on the whole, people are decent, and do ‘do the right thing’, even the young’uns. Case in point: those handsome, daring Conlethian First Year boys (Ben Nolan, Peter Crimmins and James O’Kelly) who, like modern day musketeers three, did not hesitate to act when a Man and his Dog and his Shoes got into trouble off the Forty Foot. Don’t get involved? Keep your distance? Not these fine fellows! Must be all those CSPE and SPHE classes which honed their sense of citizenship and heroism. And a bit of PE, too, as Peter actually entered the water to assist the man, who subsequently thanked the boys profusely and then signed up for a Geography class with Mr. Smyth about tidal movements. The boys were nonplussed about their heroism, and insist it was nothing, with Peter claiming that he takes more pride in consistently beating his old man, Charles (Class of 1990) in their regular sea swimming races. Nevertheless, well done, boys. St. Conleth’s is proud of you!