Give Until It Hurts

Remember the young man who enthusiastically offered himself as a disciple to Jesus, but then opted for ‘Plan B’ when he heard what hardship the full package entailed?  Well, Second Year Adam Langford and Mr. Lonergan were all in on ‘Plan A’ today when they donned the protective gear and withstood an onslaught of sopping-wet sponges to raise funds for the Save the Children charity.  It was great to see the Second Years organise the whole event by themselves but it was kind of scary to see the glee with which everyone joined in on the ‘fun’.  And it is not over yet: tomorrow the same gang are raising money for another worthy charity, Mary’s Meals, which feeds children in Africa, and the planned event is a water-boarding… no, just messing, it is a pain-free fundraiser: a Cake Sale.  So, bring in your money, and don’t tell Dr. Eva!

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