Mr. Gahan’s Slow Food Movement

Anybody old enough to remember Mr. Gahan as a student at St. Conleth’s knows that he was as close as St. Conleth’s comes to a classic ‘jock’. In the states he would have been a ‘four letter man’ and proudly worn his Varsity status in four sports conspicuously displayed on his leather sleeved, felt torso school jacket. He may have even been Homecoming King. In basketball, in rugby, in ‘nerd binning’ and in chess, Mr. Gahan was the real deal. Strong and agile but, we have to admit, not the fleetest of foot. So, it was no surprise that his 1A Bake-Off Challenge photos were the last to arrive. But as usual, Mr. Gahan makes up in quality what he lacks in speed. See his form class entries below and stay tuned for the Grand Final!