French Department Takes Over Website

This is getting un peu ridicule!  Just in case you were wondering, there are several other subjects currently being taught at St. Conleth’s: it is just that we do not all run around like Energiser bunnies baking croissants, winning debates and …invading the Atlantic seaboard!

We knew that the band of cut-throats, adventurers and ‘entrepreneurs’ known as the French Foreign Legion were infamous for marauding through the wildest and most distant reaches of the globe, but we never knew that they actually made it all the way to Donegal! Apparently, a wayward company landed on those shores and found the beaches so clean, the locals so liltingly accomodating and the Guinness so smooth, they stayed! A few years ago, those same traits drew Ms. Brotelande and Ms. Sheppard of the St. Conleth’s French Department to Donegal and when they found that the descendants of those legionaires had established a ‘Région de Langue Française’, a happy tradition was borne. Our latest dynamic duo of French, Ms. Crowley and Mr. Porzadny, recently continued that tradition and brought a motley band of Third Years off to the soft county for some intensive language lessons, with a good bit of outdoor pursuits and water-sports thrown in to make the vocab and grammar go down easier.  It was so successful, the Spanish Department is considering a trip to Belmullet, County Mayo, where the ‘dark Irish’ descendants of the Armada crew apparently hold sway!

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