French Debaters Edged Out In Quarters

Ms. Crowley reports back from the front lines of the Joutes Oratoires competition:

Yet again, a smashing performance from our French debating team, this time arguing that “Le service civique devrait être obligatoire en Irlande”.  Our courageous debaters fought till the end rebutting the opposition with style and showing their passions and preparation, but in the end it was their opponents, the Haywood Community School, who had the better hand.  Their rather theatrical performance bamboozled the judges and put an end to our Joutes Oratoires this year.  A great big thank-you is owed to Mr. Porzadny and his well-drilled team of debaters for providing us such enlightening entertainment.  Our students once again showed their ability to deal with whatever nuance of grammar or vocabulary was thrown their way, standing and competing proudly in the name of St. Conleth’s.


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