Mr. Lonergan is far from a high priest of the new religion of Covid Compliance, but like all staff at St. Conleth’s, he follows the guidelines imposed from on high. But, like with many things considered hopeless or impossible on first glance, where there is a will, there is a way; and obeying the rules on masks and distancing does not necessarily remove all possibility of fun!

Above (and below) you see just a few snippets of the learning adventures still possible in these (hopefully) waning days of restrictions. We catch Mr. Lonergan’s enthusiastic First Year and TY PE classes in action; some lunchtime hi-jinks in the yard of both Seniors and Juniors; Second Years enjoying the philosophy of the cherry tree in bloom; Fifth Years reading dystopian fiction in an utopian setting at the Herbo; and… shock and horror! … a sneaky peak of a class that actually stayed in doors: Mrs. Halpin’s First Year Art Class in the airy confines of the hall.