Francophonic Fun!

We must admit that sometimes here at we enter the ‘post-truth’ media world, especially when we are fed only the barest bones of a story and must do our best to flesh it up with some realistic but imaginary details!  The French Department, however, always give us the full story, verité.  And, once again, Mr. Porzadny has sent us his own account of his and Ms. Crowley’s Tintin-like adventures, written up with the panache of Rimbaud and the moral strength of Hugo:


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Let’s take some cacti, and some flying fish, stir it all with a bit of “Edith Piaf” sauce and add some spicy notes of “Noir Désir”… Tada!! You get a nice punchy smoothy of French musical juiciness! This morning, the 3rd Year students got the chance to be part of the 2nd edition of the French song workshop for the Month of the Francophonie. It took place at the Royal Irish Academy of Music on Westland Row. A picture near the canal, a little warm-up in Merrion Square on the way and we were all ready to put our vocals to good use!  Singer Caroline Moreau and musician Mr Alain (with his “Cetera” – a Corsican sort of banjo) led the workshop with enthusiasm and good rhythm. Liam Reilly and Mr Porzadny stood on stage to lead the crowd for the “Belle Isabelle” song and Michael Cooke became a master puppeteer for few minutes with his excellent steering of the flying pig… Yes you have read properly: a flying pig! I hope the pictures will help you put these words into context. It was with a smile, with the belly full of “pains au chocolat” and “croissants”, walking back and humming some of the newly discovered songs, that our happy crowd made it back to school right on time for Mark’s delicious… French onion soup… or was it vegetable?