Four brave young men (five, counting HOS Ciaran Smith, maybe not so young anymore but still exceedingly brave) manfully marched into the maelstrom on Monday and endured miserable conditions to proudly represent St. Conleth’s in the real ‘gentlemen’s game, played by gentlemen’: golf! The Woodenbridge Golf Club was the bucolic setting for our brave boys as they battled rain, cold, wind, hail and sleet all day, yet persevered like the best of the US Postal Service. Matthew McKeown, Dougie Nagle, Richard Caldwell and Coleman O’Flynn’s names should be writ large when it comes to reckoning the sporting heroes of this year. An extremely difficult day weather wise but the guys battled hard and tried their best.  We do pity Mr. Smith, who thought he was off on a ‘Cummiskey-like’ junket… a few bevvies in the clubhouse, a few goes own the putting green, chatting up the house pro, etc… but ended up stumbling home, waterlogged and wind-burnt, at 9:00 PM!