Finally! French Set to Invade Donegal

It may be a bit late, but who could ever hurry the French?  Yes, some of us have been waiting since 1798, but apparently our erstwhile continental allies are finally getting around to that Atlantic seaboard invasion.  Leading the troops of Third Year Francophiles will be Lieutenants Porzadny and Crowley, much experienced in this sort of mission.  Roll call will be at 07:50 at headquarters on Clyde Road with a rendezvous some time later at the mission objective: Bundoran, Donegal.  An intense physical training regimen, including marine activities, will be followed by intensive language immersion (but not that of the locals).  Mission shall be completed and company returned by 17:00 on Tuesday, assuming no-one goes AWOL.  Below you see some action photos from previous successful missions.

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