Fifth Years Integration Day in the Wilds of Wicklow

Mr. Porzadny, quickly becoming our ace combat correspondent, reports from the scene:

“Come Josephine, up she goes, up she goes…”  No… today Kate Winslet will remain wandering on the sea. On the other hand, 960 feet up the Wicklow mountains, in the Kippure estate, the girls’ captain Isobel and all the 5th Year girls are showing the way up, up, up to the boys !

What a beautiful morning to enjoy a ‘parkour’ up the trees. Or maybe just the subtle rays of sunshine bouncing off our face… This was a day to gather the high spirit of 5thYears and test their physical and mental strength. Some faced their fear of heights climbing ‘Jacob’s Ladder’, others learned what a joy it was to carry each other around, finally ‘The Leap of Faith’ awaited the most intrepid of them all.

After all these emotions lunch awaited the students in the stylish dinning room of the estate. Au menu d’aujourd’hui: Lasagna or Burgers. You can’t beat such a simple, down-to-earth meal! Now that the batteries are charged up, let’s race through the woods! An orienteering team challenge took place and it was eventually Aonghus and his team who brought back the victory.

Tea and biscuits and up we were back on the road again. Home sweet home, we are on our way!

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