Fast… As You Can!

Whether it is Yom Kippur, Ramadan or good, old-fashioned Lent, fasting is intertwined with religious practice. It is a link with our earliest societal impulses of sacrifice and community, and a manifestation of the belief that there is something bigger than us out there. Well, the modern day CSPE curriculum does not exactly acknowledge a link with such archaic notions, but it was interesting to note that Mr. Gahan’s Third Year classes decided to go this time-honoured route for their action project. And, no, not in some selfish, solipsistic effort to ‘purge’ the body and fit into a ‘size zero’, rather a socially conscious team effort to raise funds for the Fr. Peter McVerry Trust and, perhaps, just to get to know each other better. Ms. Stanley and Ms. Clarke were on hand to help out, as the group entertained each other with quizzes and games until 21:00, completing over twelve hours of fasting, and touching base with a human endeavour much older and more enduring than the Junior Cycle!

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