Ethos Affirmed!

With students and teachers from across the globe, it is very evident that have a diverse community at St. Conleth’s and we are very proud of it.  This, of course, does not mean that we have no common ground (or double negatives): our agreed ethos, rooted in the lay Catholic tradition but welcoming to all, assures a unity that underlies any difference in opinion or particular of debate.  Last week was Catholic Schools Week in Ireland and St. Conleth’s did its part to reaffirm this great tradition of education and faith.  The Religion teachers engaged their classes with activities based upon Pope Francis’s Laudato Si and we all gathered for a special assembly.  Mr. Hickey, our Pastoral Director, outlined the significance of the week and the special emphasis made by the Pope and our bishops.  Mr. Gallagher tied it all in to the Celtic calendar and the legacy of St. Brigid and Mr. ODulaing made an impassioned connection between our greater mission and our everyday school life.  Student took part through their Prayers of the Faithful and special musical performances by Sam Lynch, Tim Leary and the old reliables, Cian O’Connor and Sean Keane.  In a time of global fracture and uncertainty, it was reassuring to see our little community of  St.Conleth’s so multifaceted but united and at peace with itself.


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