Español al Aire Libre!

Ms. Killen’s Room 1 has been a sanctum sanctorum for the finer points of teaching for years, and when there is an aural playing, or a grammar explanation being delivered, not a stray word or sound can be heard within those warm, golden walls or in the near vicinity.  Even the raucous goings-on next door in Room 2 pause when the finer points of the future compuesto are being explained… but we all know Ms. Killen has her fun side, as can be attested to by years of Spanish students who have enjoyed her legendary ‘paella parties‘.  And now, spurred by our newly landscaped garden cum gazebo, Ms. Killen has begun to take her Español al fresco!  Below we see snaps of her First Year Spanish class enjoying the warm temperatures, lush landscaping and charla!


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