Duo Dynamique Deliver the DELF!

Are the duo dynamique of Porzadny and Crowley again jusqu’a quatre-vingt-dix?  (Are they ever not?) Are eyes of our TYS actually reflecting the bright lights of thought and gumption? Did a well-dressed and stylishly-coiffed professeur just douse her cigarette and sweep through reception en route to the Performance Hall? If so, it can only mean one thing: DELF days are here again!


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Prendre le train en marche?  Yes, schools all over the country are ‘jumping on the bandwagon’ and getting into ‘DELF’ these days, but do remember that St. Conleth’s was the first school in Ireland to have its students sit this prestigious French exam.  Mr. Porzadny and Ms. Crowley worked tirelessly with Nathalie-Zoé Fabert , the Attachée de Coopération pour le Français en Irlande, to complete the quintessentially French labyrinth of paperwork to bring the DELF to St. Conleth’s two years ago and they made Trojan efforts again last year and just this week, and to be fair to the Transition Years, they responded to their teachers’ efforts and enthusiasm in kind, displaying both zeal and talent on the written and oral exams.   And they did all this while the rest of the students had the day off!  Soon we will have the results and a little soirée to celebrate!