Don’t Worry, Parents! The FutureKids Are All Right!

At some point over these Christmas holidays you will find yourself looking worriedly through eggnog-addled eyes at your six-year-old child’s eyes lit up with digital joy as he is hunched over his screen-of-the-moment, inputting your Visa number and ordering a drone from Hong Kong.  But don’t worry! He probably already knows about PayPal’s no-fault returns policy and is just testing his piloting skills for a later, more significant purchase… So, who do we blame for that sinking ‘I have become a dinosaur‘ feeling in the pit of the stomach?  Mr. Travers! Yes, under his tutelage, our Junior Schoolers are quickly becoming the Jobs and Zuckermans of the next generation.  You may have to keep an eye on your current account (unless junior has already blocked you) but you can’t but be impressed by the ways in which Mr. Travers is preparing our FutureKids.   In particular, our Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Forms have been creating brilliant technology newsletter over the last few weeks in Computer Class. They both informative and eye-catching.  Below you see some sample snapshots, but you can view your son’s full masterpiece by clicking on the GoogleDrive link, Here!  Well done to all!  And remember to double-check that digital shopping basket!

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