Do You Hear What I Hear?

Conlethians are famously (and sometimes, infamously) able to express themselves rhetorically, with a good deal of confidence, and usually a good bit of volume, and it is great that our kids are able to ‘speak up for themselves’: it is a skill which keeps us at the top of the debating leagues and has wider significances in terms of personal development and success in the wider world.  But Ms. Redmond decided to develop quite a different skill with her Senior Infants: the art of listening.  She gathered her charges and took them on a perilous journey… to the front steps of 28 Clyde Road!  At first, the kids were a bit nonplussed by the less-than-exotic destination but when Ms. Redmond explained the objective, to really listen to all the subtle noises around us and to take notes, it was amazing what they heard: from the cry of the lonely seagull to the garrulous banter of some nearby landscapers and, for the very attentive, the softest of slurping sounds from the ladies who latte down in Lolly and Cooks…  The boys and girls were duly impressed, as was Ms. Redmond with their efforts.  And best of all: no-one was ‘expressing themselves’ while they were listening! Bliss!


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