Destination 2018: East Africa!

Mr. Gavin ‘Gav’ Maguire is at it again: he is deep into preparations with a group of select Conlethian students and the expedition company Earth’s Edge getting ready for a trip in 2018 to East Africa.  The planning started as soon as Gav landed back from India last summer (the last destination) and the students have been busy all year working to raise funds for the trip.  Last Thursday was a particularly exciting day for those involved: Earth’s Edge representatives were in the Conference Room with their maps out and the routes marked in.  You could practically smell the DEET!  Gav and Dolores Kelly have been leading student expeditions for years and the overwhelmingly positive results for both travellers and hosts are beyond doubt.  Check out the pics from the planning meeting and some previous expeditions, below.  Specifics for East Africa 2018 are here and on Earth’s Edge’s St. Conleth’s dedicated page.  Support the boys and girls who are involved and take it easy on them this summer.  They will need all their energy come June 2018!


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