CSI: St. Conleth’s and Icon Photography

It will be a busy Monday in the Junior School as all the forms are scheduled for their Icon school photos and Fifth and Sixth expect a visit from the Gardai.  We assume the events are unrelated but you never know where this photos will turn up (Crimewatch?) so look your best!  Yes,  we have yet to secure rights to a classic Who song, but we are opening a CSI franchise at St. Conleth’s anyways. Fifth and Sixth Form will be doing a crime scene investigation workshop with Det. Sergeant Pat O’Brien (father of Ben in Fifth Form) and one of his colleagues on Monday, October 19th,  in the library from 9:00am. There will be dusting for fingerprints, hair analysis, brain autopsies etc… but the boys will be well cleaned up for photographs in the afternoon.  We feel incidents of stolen chips on Burger Thursdays will soon drop away once we have the detective know-how.  (NB from Principal TK: Any boys doing lunchtime tennis can come to school in their tracksuits but must bring their uniform to change into, after lunch.)