Cross-Curricular Creativity!

Ms. Killen’s class recently completed a cross-curricular project on a topic that is very much in the news lately: secret sugar consumption.  Second Years Nollaig, Matthew and Nickolay combined Science, Maths and Health in their investigation into how much sugar students at St. Conleth’s are actually consuming when lunching in the canteen or gobbling down goodies from the Tuck Shop at break-time (and during certain classes- but certainly not Ms. Killen’s!).   The results were shocking and can clearly be seen in their project which is on display in the ground floor corridor.  Interestingly, the project had to be done twice: the first time, the boys actually measured, bagged and displayed the sugar present in each item, but then some particularly desperate Conlethian sugar junkie went and siphoned off most of the display!  Now, there are just the safer figures on view, but we implore the person responsible to get some help and, above all, stop sucking down those Capri Suns (18 grams of sugar)!


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