Cool Cross Country Kids Cop A Bronze!

Like Ken Kesey and his Merry Pranksters, Mr. Keenan has been leading a bus-full of Conlethian runners (and enthusiastic hangers-on) to various athletics events for some time now.  There have been some significant successes, such as Lucy Colman-Black’s Leinster medal last year, but win or lose, there is always a good-time feel to the trips, due in large part to the presence of such characters as Tomás Clancy, Conor Bourke, Jack Andrews, John Kelleher and Tony Barry.

Senior Cross Country Team rocks the 'Rock', taking Bronze at the Blackrock Invitational!

These boys have been stalwart supporters of every athletics endeavour (and any chance to get of class) over the years, and we are particularly thrilled to see that the miles logged by Tony endlessly pacing the corridors of the school have finally paid off!  In all seriousness, the Senior Boys’ Bronze Medal at the Blackrock College Invitational was a great achievement, as was First Year Sydney Weir McErlean’s placing 13th of 190 in the Minor Girls (top 6%!).   Well done to Shay and his gang and we look forward to more good news from their next athletics adventure!


Mr. Keenan's Cross Country army!