Cool Covid Cuts!

Lockdown has taught us many lessons; probably the most positive and important one is to cherish what is really important in our lives: family and friends; physical and mental wellbeing; expensive designer dogs who are getting noisier and slightly, just slightly, less cute by the day; and, most of all, the absolute necessity of access to a good barber or hairdresser. Little did we know how essential their services are, and how difficult it is to distinguish between ‘ Natural Light Ash Brown’ and ‘Natural Medium Cool Brown’ or to operate the Aldi All-In-One Beard, Body (?) and Facial Hair Trimmer. Well, not everyone is embarrassed by their overgrown manes or the honest if amateur efforts applied by whoever in the family drew the short straw or was most fortified by a glass of decent Bordeaux. The lads of 2C, at least, came back to school proud of their improvised style and willing to compete for the title of King of the Covid Cuts!