Conleth’s in Wonderland!

Covid did not halt the learning: the perseverance of our ‘class’ class teachers and the co-operation of parents saw to the continuity of the ‘three Rs’ and more. But that which No. 19 did muffle was the just-as-important communal life of the school. Now, with spring in the air, the once trickling thaw has become a torrent, with the biggest and best blast of all bursting on the scene last Friday evening: a Hartnett and Howe stage spectacular!

The Junior School Musical, ‘Alice in Wonderland’, premiered in our professionally kitted out School Hall, and by all accounts it was a smash hit, and a much-needed reminder of what this school can do when it pulls together… and enough tests turn up negative! Yes, Pat Howe, our drama and dance man, and music maestro Emer Hartnett have done it again: clever lines and lyrics, spectacular costumes, nifty dance moves and, of course, the show-stealing talent and cuteness of our student performers … all the hallmarks of our dynamic duo of theatrical delight! Broadway surely beckons but we hope to hang onto our talented two. And if those two do skedaddle down The Great White Way, we hope the don’t take Junior Art Teacher Ms. Mellon with her: so stunning were the backdrops and props, created in her swish chapel studio, with many little helping hands.  Check out the snaps above of the last dress rehearsal, professionally captured by our TY Photography teacher Tom O’Connor, and, below, some after-show portraits by Student Photographer Adam Rafter. And stay tuned: Adam also caught the whole show on video, a link to which will soon be in all the parents’ mailboxes. So enjoy… again!