Conleth’s Going Native!

Meath GAA jerseys are finally involved in a meaningful match again… St. Conleth’s first ever foray into the native game! Head of All Sport Mr. Smith was aided in the coaching by Mr. Weldon, but the latter promised not to teach the girls any infamous, underhanded Royal County tactics… yet! But, seriously, it was a momentous day in St. Conleth’s sporting history. The First Year girls played the mighty Muckross College, who have 13,324 girls in First Year, giving them a Dublin-like advantage! St. Conleth’s lost but it was a superb performance from the girls. Very few play Gaelic regularly so it was a sharp learning curve but a very enjoyable day out, overall. There were particularly impressive performances from Emily, Gemma, and Elodie, who has never played before, at all! Coaches Smith and Weldon were extremely proud of all who took part and look forward to more GAA at St. Conleth’s!