Conlethians Explore Old and New Technologies!

Boat-building and sailing have been long engrained in this island nation’s consciousness but our kids are more inclined to explore more digital frontiers.  Mr. Kilcommons managed to unite the best of the old and new as he arranged a Skype meeting with a real-life nautical adventurer:

Our 5th and 6th Form had the wonderful experience of participating in a Skype call to Enda O Coineen, skipper of the Kilcullen Voyager Team who is in the middle of an attempt to have an Irish sailor complete the ultimate in sailing tests – The Vendée Globe.  The Kilcullen Team is sponsored by Ballsbridge Motors (sponsors of our Senior Cup Rugby team) who also organised this event.  Only about 100 people have ever completed the race and no Irish person has ever managed it. This is seen as being the best chance for an Irish sailor to complete this non-stop, unassisted, extreme race around the globe. Neil from Kilcullen Voyager Team set up the skype call to Enda and we met him with the wind very definitely at his back somewhere in the Southern Ocean racing at high speed. He patiently fielded many questions from our pupils who seemed strangely preoccupied with his toilet routine onboard. Current Irish Sailing Oppy champion Russel Bolger got right down to brass tacks and asked him in what position he was in the race (19thout of 25 boats.) Enda admitted to feeling isolated but not alone as he had already covered 8000 nautical miles, instead of us trying to entertain Enda however, he took out his tin whistle and played us a lively tune from the West of Ireland, much to the delight of everyone in the conference room. Enda is a real character and we wish him the very best in his attempt. His new fans here in St Conleth’s can now track his progress every day in school. The best of luck to Enda.


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