Conlethian Grapples Gold in Judo!

Maxime St-Jean, current St. Conleth’s Third Year and recent arrival from California, made all the right moves, throws and holds at the recent All-Ireland Annual Schools Judo Championships, representing St. Conleth’s. He won the gold medal in Junior Boys, Under 16, for the 55 kilo and Underweight category.  Maxime’s polite enthusiasm had already been a welcome addition to the classrooms of St. Conleth’s and now we learn that has quite a spectacular hidden talent.  We applaud his efforts and accomplishments and we have a sneaky feeling that Maxime may have a bit extra space for himself on that canteen queue.  See the photos below of Maxime below, competing under the name of St. Conleth’s, but in the gi of the USA, proving that you can have the best of both worlds!


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