Communion Class Take Next Holy Step

The front steps of 28 Clyde Road have always been a favourite spot for the photographic capture of significant moments in the lives of Conlethians but we have to admit that those arrayed in smiling ranks have not always been the purest in mind and motive, such as the Sixth Years pausing briefly after their Graduation ceremony before a raucous night of celebration.  How refreshing to have a chance then to take the snap below, of surely the most angelic little boys in Greater Dublin!

Second Form get ready for their First Holy Communion this Saturday.

Full credit to Ms. Leary, their parents and the boys themselves for preparing so well. Below you see just some of the hard work that has been put in to make this day as special as it should be.  And now, the long-awaited day is here!  Tomorrow, Fr. Michael Collins will celebrate the mass in St. Mary’s, Haddington Road at 10am. The Junior School Choir will sing at the mass, having gone from strength to strength under Ms. Hartnett in this, their maiden year. After the ceremony, all the candidates’ parents will meet to chat over a cup of tea and a slice of a very special cake (see below) back at the school where the Third Class parents are providing a tasty spread for everyone . The boys will have their photos taken by the school photographer as they arrive back at St. Conleth’s on these very steps, having taken a holy step of their own!  The stretch limos and ice sculptures of the Celtic Tiger years may be long gone, but First Holy Communion is still a very big day at St. Conleth’s.


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