Climbing the Walls?

Yes, over the last twenty months or so, we have all been ‘climbing the walls’ at some point or another, in our Covid-compliant, semi-cocooned claustrophobia. And we are still struggling with viral vestiges… witnessing worrying signs of the return to the return to our kitchens, home offices and garden sheds. But for now, at least, Co-Ordinator Gav Maguire is giving his beloved charges the best possible Transition Year, despite the circumstances. He has steadfastly kept up the Thursday Outing tradition, somehow finding venues and activities that were still open and willing to take on the excess energy of fifty adolescent adventurers. Safeguarding them on all these jaunts across Dublin are Gav’s faithful lieutenants: Ms. Halpin and Mr. Ingle, who clearly have the best jobs at St. Conleth’s. Last week, on the agenda was an exciting visit to The Wall, where the boys and girls enjoyed climbing the wall… literally!