Classics Kids Got Talent!

Yes, we may argue endlessly in our Classics classes about the accurate modern equivalent value of a talent. that ancient measurement of precious metal currency, but one thing is certain: our Classics students have talent in a modern sense, too, and now they may very well have a talent worth of silver and bronze, their takings from this year’s Young Classicists’ Competition!

Above you see all our winners and the Fifth Year ‘Peloponnesian Power Pop’ band, The Temple Bards, singing their second smash single, Bare Necessities, which absolutely nailed the competition’s dual targets of a classical theme and a modern sustainable goal… and proved that the Bards are no ‘one hit wonder’! And our Classics younglings showed that there is plenty of talent on the rise: Ms. Speller and her hordes of First Year Classics hoplites hoarded no less than four bronze medals! And two Second Years placed as runners-up. Enjoy them below as well as a re-release of the Bards’ debut disc: Hospitality.

Junior Bronze Medal Winners

Charlie McMahon and Jamie MacNicholas

Myles Moriarty Smyth 

‘Athena’ Bronze Medal Winners

Ross McPartlin 

Saoirse Aherne Grey 

Honourable Mention Runners-Up

James Power (Click for PDF)

Kristen Harty and Chloe Egan (Click for PDF)

Pavan Vellackal