Christmas with the Kooks!

Ms. Speller and Mr. Lonergan were not going to let covidaphobia cancel Christmas for our kids! After the cinema trip was cancelled, they got their thinking caps on and organisational skills buzzing and they came up with two fun-filled activities that thankfully got our kids out of the classroom and left the rest of us to enjoy the mince pies and spiked egg nog. Mr. Lonergan led each year through a ‘Mini-Sports Day’ and it was great to see how initial moans of reluctance were soon transformed into the life-affirming grunts and shouts of healthy competition. Ms. Speller concentrated on Third Year and came up with the most remarkable of Christmas Scavenger Hunts, replete with very specific yuletide-themed challenges such as ‘recreate a famous Christmas movie scene’ and ‘organise a Christmas feast from the detritus of the Herbo’. The competition really spurred that famous Conlethian creativity and kookiness and some of the resultant mini-masterpieces may be seen below!