Christmas Spectacular 2 ! The Junior School Strikes Back!

We collectively just shelled out over $500 million to watch Episode 7 of the Star Wars saga, so why shouldn’t we expect a sequel to be just as good as the original?  The Senior School had put on quite a Yuletide show last Friday so the stakes were high,  but of course Howe and Hartnett (our Gilbert and Sullivan) were more than up to the task!  Beautiful melodies, smoothly cadenced choirs, cleverly choreographed skits and show-topping solos, with the usual bit of cross-dressing humour (a Howe trademark!) thrown in… there really was no competition.  Yes, the heart does lift when two teenagers coquettishly croon to each other on stage (Thank-you, Finn and Maryrose) but can anyone really beat a five-year old in an animal costume?  To be fair, there was a lot more work done on this production than just coaxing children into cutesy, flouncy bits and this was a team effort, as Mr. Howe and Ms. Hartnett were ably assisted by all the classroom teachers.  And Mr. Kilcommons played a blinder in his first Christmas show from the producer’s chair with Ms. Kelly once again directing the wee folk with her usual uncanny mix of efficiency and kindness.  Below you see a few snaps from the day and we may even post some video (once we painlessly remove some parents’ heads).  Well done to all involved, especially the students themselves, who proved the old maxim true, that even the average Conlethian kid needs only a small part of the stage, a few bars on the piano and a bit of a nudge… to become a star!

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