Christmas Crooners and….KERRANG!

No, it was not the usual wholesome, whole-school Christmas Concert experience but Mr. ODulaing, Mr. Seamus Gallagher and Music Maestro Ms. McGuinness managed to organise FIVE (!) separate Christmas assemblies and concerts, one for each remaining year of students. The readings were perfectly picked by Mr. Gallagher and sincerely delivered by select students in each year and Mr. O’Dulaing’s talk on the various (and, some, long-lost) traditions of Christmas in Ireland was eye-opening for both the audience and The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Wrens. Mr. O’Dulaing delivered his messages with friendly emphasis and good humour; in fact, we were privileged to a trend all five assemblies and have to say that his jokes really hit their peak with their fourth rendition! But what was no surprise was the display of an absolute abundance of musical spirit and talent in each and every year. Somehow, on very short notice, Ms. McGuinness cobbled together the various soloists, duos and groups into a slate that once again proved that St. Conleth’s is a ‘music school’ above all else, especially now that the Parents Association-purchased instruments and equipment have hit the stage. We had pianists from First and Third Years, full pop bands from Second and Sixth, the singular talent of Third Year Michael Horan and that barnstorming, reverb-surfing duo of Ollie and Finn from Fifth Year. Enjoy some highlights below, and stay tuned, as all this talent will once again take the stage… hopefully together!