Christmas Crooners!

Mr. ODulaing said it best: the moment we are most ‘St. Conleth’s’ is when we are all gathered together, celebrating important occasions as a whole school community. It-which-shall-not-be-named had put the kibosh on that these last few years, but we have come back with a pleasant vengeance recently, and our first full Christmas Concert since 2019 was, like Bilbos’ party, ‘an affair to remember’. Mr. ODulaing’s timely oratory was matched by Mr. Gallagher’s evocation of our ethos and its Christmas significances, but the heaviest lifting was done by Ms. McGuinness, who raised herself off her non-it-which-shall-not-be-named sick bed and joined Mr. O’Neill to put together another spectacular show. Judging by the talent and spirit on display, music will long continue to be at the heart of everything we do at St. Conleth’s.

Concert Stills

We always have plenty of individual musical talent, and often Ms. McGuinness’s toughest job is to narrow down the playlist. At Conleth’s, we are are always reluctant to make a cut: who knows which of the performers on it is destined to join Alex Sheehan, Conor O’Brien and Cassia O’Reilly in Conlethian musical immortality? And ‘participation’ is probably our truest mantra. Especially pleasing is when those talents band together in class and small groupings to delightful effect.  Enjoy the beautiful sound and heartwarming sight of young talent working together.

Full Concert Video

Our students also enjoyed their individual class parties, including Kris Kindle, yuletide movies, plenty of sweets and shenanigans in their charity-aiding Christmas jumpers.

Yuletide Fun

Last Go at Yuletide Fun (Sixth Years!)