Chess Champs Are Also Young Scientists!

Proving that the generosity of their spirit is as great as their tactical genius, our reigning All-Ireland Junior School champions decided to create a Young Scientist research project about the mysteries and realities of learning the noble game. All of Sixth Class united behind their champions and together they came up with a fascinating science project.  You can read the boys’ own detailed summary here while proud chess parent Michael Sheahan gives us the nuts and bolts below, and until we have pics from the Young Scientists’ exhibition, enjoy some of the highlights of St. Conleth’s Junior Chess’s incredible accomplishments last year!

Can you learn to play chess in 30 minutes? As Conleths have dominated primary schools chess in Ireland in recent years a chess themed young scientist project seemed apt. find out on Saturday in the RDS when sixth form present the results of their groundbreaking research. 16 Conleths parents, 1 brave teacher, and 17 children (2nd-6th) volunteered to get a 30 minute lesson from one of the school chess team from 6th. How much they learned was then measured in a 25 question exam. The results were very interesting! Did males or females do better? Adults or kids? Visit our stand in the primary schools section on Saturday between 9.30 and 4 and ask lots of questions!


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