Chemistry or Classics? LC Subject Choice Help!

Our previous post dealt with the many questions which arise with the transition from primary to secondary school but  the move into the LC years can be just as confusing, particularly when it comes to subject choice.  Sixteen-year-olds all over the country (and their parents) are currently drifting blithely and contentedly towards the culmination of their Transition Year, but little do they know that dead ahead, and approaching rapidly, is the roaring cataract of Leaving Certificate Subject choice!   Pick the wrong subject and you are doomed to a lifetime of career stagnation and regret!  Okay, we exaggerate slightly… in fact, there is no need to panic at all, because attached here is the St. Conleth’s Guidance Department’s Guide to Choosing Leaving Certificate Subjects, a rather straightforward little tome that does exactly what it says on the tin.  So, relax, TYs: have a read, listen to the presentations for each subject which will be made next week, discuss it with your parents and teachers and choose with confidence.  Yes, it is very important, but you will now be well-informed and in the perfect position to take this first step towards your Leaving Certificate years at St. Conleth’s.


lc guide