Really… We Must Be Going …

Art Class Cake and Afterschool Study parties… the Jameses starting early on the debs date hunt… graduation mortar boards… one last classic Classics picnic.. and some artsy filters: all part of the Class of 2022’s rather clingy (but reciprocated) good-bye hug to St. Conleth’s!

STEM 2- Culture 1

We were clearing our desktop- wait, stop there! When we said ‘desktop’, were you thinking mahogany and leather, Ikea MDF special or soulless blue digital screen? In other words: Are you a Boomer, X-er or Zoomer? Anyways, in one of our folders (Manilla with cord closure? A4 cardboard with generic uplifting photo of kittens? Or blue or yellow icon?) we found a few stories that we had buried when more important stuff was happening: two from the STEM side and one from the right side of the brain, but then again, this division is inconsistent and may be artificial: one of our STEM stories involves al fresco theatre and the other involves a particular Ancient Greek letter, while our humanities adventure is centred around the cold lines and angles of architecture: kismet or just serendipity? You decide, but first up is a little dramatic performance starring Oisín Power and Seamus Joyce, the Wagner and Miranda of their year, as inspired by Ms. Phelan’s lesson on Dr. Tony’s best friends: T-Cells.

On an another particularly fine afternoon, we were taking our fifth class of the day down to Herbert Parks for ‘research’ and we came upon Second Year Charlie Plant. Knowing that Charlie is a bit of a Rennaisance boy with interests and talents across the spectrum of arts and sciences we doorstopped him with one question that had been bothering us:

And now for the Humanities. Each year, the Fifth Year Classics Kids go on a little tour of Georgian Dublin to see neoclassical architecture in the flesh. Actually, they go on a few tours. Weekly, in fact.

Left Brain Activities!

Where would we be without the scientists and the statisticians during this Covid crisis? Why, in the pub, or enjoying the company of friends and family, the wag might say, but we may also be someplace much worse off. Yes, never before have those with an advanced analytical skill set been more front and centre on the world’s stage. And this trend is set to continue. Apparently, Pangolin Pathology at Carlow IT is pushing 600 points!

Well our Maths and Science teachers are doing their best to improve our students’ STEM skills and, just as importantly, show them how much fun numbers, angles and floodplains can be! Ms. NiAonghusa took her Third Years to Herbo to put their Trigonometry in action and Mr. Carvill (The Younger), always one to emphasise teh Physical over the Social, had his First Year Geography students map out the stages of river development. Check out the pics above and below!

Adam Upstages Bunny!

Who needs the Easter Bunny? Is he not just a leporine American capitalist tool? And what kind of bunny lays eggs, anyways? We have better: Fifth Year Adam Rafter, who treated his whole Maths class to an Easter treat!