Cars and Girls

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Did we take the wrong turn somewhere in the late 60’s, when Brian Wilson retreated to his room and stopped singing about  his ‘409’ and his ‘Little Deuce Coupe’?   Rock and roll wandered aimlessly through punk and progressive and not until Bruce nosed his Chevy out onto Thunder Road, did we once again have gasoline and testosterone in plentiful lyrical supply.  And 1978’s Grease took it one mile further: transporting us back to a simpler time when the music was simple, the harmonies were plentiful and the fuel was fully leaded.   Throw in the fact that the musical is an unrivalled camp masterpiece and you please everyone! The audience at our TY year-end extravaganza was certainly happy with the performances, as maestros deBhal and Gallagher coaxed some stunning performances from our shy and retiring boys.  Actually, ‘coaxed’ might be the wrong term: how about ‘barely able to restrain’ an explosion of enthusiasm for hip-shaking, T-shirt-wearing, chorus-crooning and cross-dressing!  The last, of course, is a long-standing St. Conleth’s tradition and current Third Years are beside themselves with worry about what will happen when we have real girls in TY next year.  With Mr. Trenier as TY Co-ordinator, however, they should have no fear:  he will surely integrate the girls as smoothly as he ran the whole programme this year: organising trips all over Dublin, pushing the boys to completion of their various courses, projects and competitions and almost single-handedly dragging the boys over the Wicklow Mountains to complete their Gaisce Hike.  Read all about the wide range of TY adventures on their dedicated page, but first, check out the snaps of their performance above and the Roll of Honour for individual TY awards below.

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