Buskers’ Corner Back with a Bang!

Mr. Sheridan may be off teaching ‘The Sash’ to his new students in Greystones, but Ms. Fay has returned to make sure that this newest of honoured traditions at St. Conleth’s continues to light up our Friday afternoons.  Every few weeks, the music department carefully conducts a survey of the considerable, current musical talent amongst the students, but even though Ms. Fay and Ms. deBhal may have the glamour of Cheryl and the musical nous of Louis, they are much more encouraging of newcomers, and much kinder when making their ‘cuts’!  Actually, everybody eventually gets a ‘go’, it is just a matter of fitting everyone in, such is the burgeoning state of our stock of quality performers.  This edition of Buskers featured several different band combinations, attesting to the co-operative and collegiate atmosphere which surrounds the music room, as well as several stand-out duets and solo performances.  The musicos have also been busy livening up our school assemblies.  Have a look below, but better yet, stop by and have a listen!

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