Bronze Blade Buddies!

Under the watchful eye of Maître David Couper, our Senior School Fencing Captain Michael Li put Stephen Rockett through his fencing ‘paces’ and awarded him with the Irish Academy of Arms’ Bronze Blade Award which “recognises the progression of fencers in their learning and expertise in fencing.”  Michael is a recent earner of the award himself and he has worked tirelessly to expand the fencing fraternity at St. Conleth’s. Did I say fraternity?  Well, also pictured below are Francesca Chanco and Colleen Mulligan, two recent devotees of the ancient art.  They will surely soon join Michael, Stephen, the famous ‘band of Moriarty and Sherlock brothers’ and Claudio Sosa who are currently maintaining St. Conleth’s long-held reputation as the pre-eminent fencing school in Ireland.


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