Bring on the Girls!

Mr. Kelleher has been at St. Conleth’s almost since its founding in 1939 and he has witnessed the school changing with the times yet remaining true to its original purpose and calling.  One change for the better began over 4o years ago when girls were first admitted into Fifth and Sixth Year in the Senior School.  At first it was just so girls could avail themselves of the Science subjects not taught in their schools, but soon the Chemistry between Conlethian boys and girls was undeniable and they were clearly here to stay.  Now, decades later we have made the next leap and opened our doors to girls in Junior Infants and, next September, in First and Transition Years as well.  As you can see below, gender does not matter at all at St. Conleth’s and our girls and boys mixed with ease and grace….well, that is, until Mr. K moved them to the front of the line at the Tuck-shop!

caf girls cut