Sixth Year Book List 2020/2021


  • Excellence in Texts 2021 – Higher Level (
    ncludes King Lear
  • Poetry Focus 2021 by Martin Kiernan and Frances Rocks
    (Gill and Macmillan)
  • Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro
  • Philadelphia, Here I Come! by Brian Friel
  • Language Lessons (Gill Education)
    – students may already have this text from TY
  • Download the app Pocket Papers
    – contains past Leaving Cert Papers


Higher Level:

  • Fiúntas Nua
  • Ar Aghaidh Libh Ardleibheal (Edco)
    – continued from 5th year

Ordinary Level:

  • Fuinneamh Nua
  • Ar Aghaidh Libh Gnáthleibheal (Edco)
    – continued from 5th year


Higher Level:

  • Active Maths 4 Book 2 (O. Murphy & C. Townsend) Folens
  • Active Maths 4 Book 1 and Activity Book
    (O. Murphy & C.Townsend) Folens
    – continued from 5th year

Ordinary Level:

  • Active Maths 3 (2nd Edn) (O. Murphy & C. Townsend) – Folens
    – continued from 5th year

Ordinary and Higher Level:

  • Mathematical Tables, State Examinations Commission.
  • Scientific Calculator
  • Past Leaving Cert Papers Higher/Ordinary Level 2019 Edco
  • A4 Project Maths squared paper copy book


  •  Revise Wise, Start Your Career Journey Here,
    Brian Mooney,  EdCo


  • Mosaïque (3rd edition) Edco 2015
  • Bonne Chance, 2014, Elizabeth Hayes-Lynn (Gill & Macmillan)
  • 1 x A4 Copy Book
  • 1 x A4 Hardback copy book
    – oral copy to continue from 5th year
  • Install the Pocket papers, WordReference and Duolingo Applications
  • Past Leaving Cert Papers Higher Level (Edco) 2019
  • Revise Wise French Leaving Cert Higher Level 
    (Edco latest edition)


  • Vamos a Escuchar 2
    – continued from 5th year
  • Español en Acción (Folens)
    – continued from 5th year
  • Past Papers (Educational Company) 2018
  • Yuri’s study cards Spanish (Michael Doherty School Supplies)
  • 2 A4 and 2 A5 Copies


– Keep all books used

  •  Past Leaving Cert Papers – Listening and Composition


  • Dictatorship & Democracy 1920-45, Stephen Tonge (Edco)
    – continued from 5th year
  • Politics and Society in Northern Ireland , M E Collins (Edco)
    – continued from 5th year
  • Sovereignty & Partition 1912-1949, M.E. Collins (Edco)
    – continued from 5th year
  • Case Study – The United States and the World 1945–1989,
    Stephen Tonge and Máire De Buitléir (Edco)
    – continued from 5th year
  • A4 Soft Cover Manuscript Copy Book.
    – continued from 5th year


  • EDCO examination papers (2020).
  • Inside Business , Leaving Certificate,
    Davin Kielthy & Lisa O’Byrne (Edco) 2019 
    – continued from 5th year
  • Large Ring Binder Folder with Dividers and Plastic Sleeves. 
    A4 refill pad with detachable sheets.
  • A4 Hardback Copy


  • Positive Economics, Hayes, Murray, O’Connor (Edco)
    ISBN 9781845364717 – continued from 5th year


All books and materials follow through from 5th Year and materials should be replenished if necessary.

  • Pencils, HB, 2B, 4B, 6B & Conte pencils, black, white and sepia
  • White Rubber & Sharpener, Scissors & Pritt Stick ● Pack of 12/24 oil pastels
  • A2 Card Portfolio & A4 Sketch Pad
  • Ruler, 12 inches (steel is best)
  • Roll 1 inch masking tape
  • Watercolour Pencils, Derwent or Faber Castell (24)
  • Watercolour paint tablet
  • Acrylic paint, Burnt Umber, Titanium White, Cadium Yellow, Cadium Red, Ultramarine, Black.
  • Paint Brushes, a selection of synthetic brushes. Sizes 2, 4, 6,8.

Art History

  • Appreciating Art 2nd edition Áine Ni Charthaigh & Aidan O’Sullivan (Gill Publications)
    ISBN: 978-0-7171-7438-6
  • A4 Ring Binder
  • A4 Hardback Ring-Bound Lined Notebook
    (for notes and essays)

Classical Studies

Books serve for Fifth and Sixth Year; those marked with an * are also available as free photocopies from the teacher

  • The OdysseyHomer
    (Trans. by E.V. Rieu; Revised by D.C.H. Rieu) 
    ISBN 9780140449112 Penguin Classics
  • The Aeneid – Virgil (Trans. by West)
    ISBN 9780140449327 Penguin Classics
  • The Campaigns of Alexander by Arrian
    (Trans. by De Selincourt; Revised by J.R. Hamilton)
    ISBN 9780140442533 Penguin Classics
  • * The Age of Alexander: Nine Greek Lives by Plutarch (Intro. by G. T. Griffith; Trans. By Ian ScottKilvert)
    ISBN 9780141920368 Penguin Classics
  • * The Three Theban Plays by Sophocles
    (Trans. by Fagles; Intro. by Knox)

    ISBN 9780140444254 Penguin Classics
  • * Medea and Other Plays by Euripides
    (Trans. by Vellacott)
    ISBN 9780140441291 Penguin Classics
  • * Prometheus Bound and Other Plays by Aeschylus
    (Trans. by Vellacott) 
    ISBN 9780140441123 Penguin Classics
  • *A Handbook of Greek Art & Architecture by G.M. Richter ISBN0714824968 (Phaidon) (if available)

Latin (optional extracurricular class)

Books serve for Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Year

  • Wheelock’s Latin by Richard A. LaFleur 7th Editio
    ISBN: 9780061997228 (available through Amazon.UK)
  • The Roman Empire by Colin Wells 2nd Edition (Harvard UP)
    ISBN: 0674777700 (available through Amazon.UK)
  • Roman Art and Architecture by Mortimer Wheeler (Thames and Hudson)
    ISBN: 0500200211(available through Amazon.UK)


  • LCVP Link Modules Making It Happen Caroline McHale
    (2nd Edition 2014 Folens)
  • Ring Binder, dividers and polypockets


  • Horizons Textbook Book 1 Tara Fitzharris
    (Second Edition Folens) 
    – continued from 5th year
  • Large ring binder folder with dividers and plastic sleeves.
  • Edco Examination Papers incl 2018 paper
  • A4 refill pad with detachable sheets
  • Horizons Book 2 Tara Fitzharris & Brian Daly
    (Second Edition Folens)
  • Geographical Investigation: Coastal Sue Honan (Mentor)


– continued from 5th year

  • Chemistry Live! Textbook & Workbook Set
    by Declan Kennedy (Folens) 2nd edition 2014
  • Chemistry Student Lab Notebook (Folens)


– continued from 5th year

  • Real World Physics (Dan O’Regan / Folens)
  • Hardback A4 copy book
  • Folder (for holding notes)


– continued from 5th year

  • Bio (by John Loughlin)
  • Hardback A4 Copy Book
  • Folder (for holding notes)