Third Year Booklist 2021-2022

English (as 2nd year)

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  • Crescents New Junior Cycle English, 2nd and 3rd Year, by Philip Campion et al (Edco)
  • Crescents Students Portfolio
  • Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare + Student Portfolio (Mentor)
    (They should come together).
  • Animal Farm George Orwell, Penguin Books Ed.
    (Intro. Malcolm Bradbury)

Irish (Higher and Ordinary level to be decided in September)

Higher Level:

  • Maoin 2 (Mentor) (as 2nd year)
  • Bí Réidh, Exam Skill (Edco)
  • Sample Exam Papers – An tSraith Shóisearach, Higher Level (Edco)

Ordinary Level: 

  • Maoin 2 (Mentor) (as 2nd year)
  • Sample Exam Papers – An tSraith Shóisearach, Ordinary Level (Edco)


  • The Iliad by Homer (Penguin Classics- Translated by E. V. Rieu) ISBN:0140447946  (as 2nd year)
  • The Iliad by Homer (Penguin Classics- Translated by E. V. Rieu) ISBN:0140447946 (as 2nd year)
  • The Aeneid by Virgil ( Penguin Classics-Trans. by West) ISBN: 9780140449327 (as 2nd year)
  • The Parthenon by Susan Woodford  (Cambridge University Press) ISBN: 9780521226295 (as 2nd year)
  • Pompeii by Peter Connolly (Oxford University Press) ISBN: 0199171580 (as 2nd year)
  • Fall of the Roman Republic by Plutarch (Penguin Classics- Translated by Rex Warner) Revised Edition ISBN-13: 978-0140449341 (new book for 3rd year)

French  (as 2nd year)

  • Bienvenue en France 2 – 4th edition by Joseph Dunne (Folens) 2017
  • Sample Exam Papers – An tSraith Shóisearach, New Junior Cycle French
  •  A4 Copy Book
  • A5 Hardback copy book (from 2nd year)
  • Red and green biro
  • Install the e-book, WordReference and Duolingo applications


Higher Level Maths:

  • Active Maths 2  and Activity Book by O.Murphy & C. Townsend (Folens) (as 2nd year)
  • Sample Exam papers 2020, Higher Level Maths

Ordinary Level Maths:

  • Active Maths 1 and Activity Book by O.Murphy & C. Townsend (Folens) (as 2nd year)
  • Sample Exam papers 2020, Ordinary Level Maths

All Maths Levels:

  • Maths Formula and Tables Booklet, State Exam Commission
  • A6 notebook for key words (reuse 2nd year keywords notebook)
  • Geometry set
  • Scientific calculator
  • A4 Project Maths squared paper copy book (x2)

Geography (as 2nd year)

  • Cyclone and Skills Book by Kenny & Horan, Hayes consultant author (Gill & MacMillan)
  • A4 hardback copy book
  • Colouring pencils
  • A5 copy book

History (as 2nd year)

  • Discovering History 2019 by Patsy McCaughey (Mentor Press)
  • Discovering History, Sources and Activity Book Hannah Browning and Patsy McCaughey 
  • A4 Manuscript Soft Cover Copy Book

Science (as 2nd year)

  • The Nature of Science Textbook with Student Resources & Revision Book by Gill, Grant, Meredith & Odongo (Mentor)
  • Science A4 hardback copy book

Religion (as 2nd year)

  • Faith Alive (2019 edition) by Conor Farnan (Mentor Books) ISBN 978-1-912514-45-8

Spanish (as 2nd year)

  • ¿Qué Pasa 2? by Maria Fenton (Edco 2018)
  • Spanish Pocket dictionary
  • Cardboard or paper folder
  • A4 Hardback (keep 2nd year hardback if not full)
  • A5 copy books (x2)

C.S.P.E. (as 2nd year)

  • Stand up, Speak up! with workbook by Holmes, O’ Dwyer (Mentor)
  • Edco Exam papers Including 2018

Business (as 2nd year)

  • Time for Business Junior Cycle Business – with Workbook by Joe Stafford, Siobhan O’Sullivan, Ultan Henry & James Cummiskey
  • Calculator


  • A4 copy

Music (as 2nd year)

  • Tones 2 
  • Junior Cycle Music Exam papers 2021 
  • A4 music manuscript paper (Stave)
  • A5 copy book
  • pencil
  • eraser
  • sharpener

ART (as 2nd year)

Students must replenish what is gone from their Art Pack.

  •  12 or 24 pack markers
  • 12 pack oil pastel
  • Synthetic brush round head no. 4
  • A4 stapled sketchbooks x2
  • A2 card portfolio
  • A3 tuff bag
  • 25 watercolours tablet
  • Synthetic brush size 8
  • Synthetic brush size 6
  • Synthetic brush size 4
  • A4 sketchpad x2
  • 40g gluestick
  • Medium scissors
  • 2 hole sharpener
  • Eraser
  • Fabercastel 24pk watercolour pencils
  • Watercolour palette
  • Drawing graphite pencils HB/2B/4B/6B
  • Fine liner
  • Sharpie permanent
  • Masking tape
  • 12 inch ruler