Bí réidh! Préparez-vous! Vosotros Preparad! The LC Orals Are Coming!

Ms. Killen, St. Conleth’s Exam Czar, warned y’all well in advance but this is a timely reminder as our brief Easter interlude draws to a close: THE ORALS AND PRACTICALS ARE COMING!   So, stop chilling and get on Netflix and search out those French movies where nearly everyone smokes and absolutely everyone is sad and you can only tell the film is over because the credits begin to roll.  If it is Spanish you are preparing just get on the DART and await the onslaught of teenagers with overt Iberian manners and if it is Irish, you can hang out in the Gaeltacht section of Donnybrook Fair and chat up the Eoin and Íosagáin kids.  Here are the important dates.  Bona fortunam! (Click for PDF)


MONDAY 11TH (19), TUESDAY 12TH (19) –  L.C. FRENCH  08.30-15.20;

MONDAY 11TH (2) –  L.C.  ITALIAN – 13.30;

THURSDAY,14TH(13), FRIDAY 15TH (8)- L.C. SPANISH  09.00-15.20;

FRIDAY, 15TH (1)- L.C.  GERMAN  – 08.40;

MONDAY, 18TH (11) – L.C. MUSIC– 08.30-15.20;

MONDAY, 18TH(17) , TUESDAY 19TH(17) ,WEDNESDAY 20TH (4) – L.C. IRISH  08.30-15.20;                                              

FRIDAY,22ND (10) – J.C. MUSIC- 08.30-15.20

*Bracketed numbers refer to number of students scheduled for that session.