Beyond Debate!

Yes, it is a sign of our tremendous success at debating that we must periodically recycle past debating headlines (see above) as we just cannot seem to keep up with the demand as Conlethians, past and present, continue to dominate the rostra of Leinster, Ireland … and the world!  First off:  the premier senior debate in Ireland is undoubtedly the Irish Times Debate and Daniel Gilligan, of the illustrious Class of 2016 and current school debating coach, has made it to the final, following in the footsteps of Liam ‘Trophy’ Brophy  (2010) who swashbuckled his way to the title in 2013 .  Daniel is already a legend at the Hist of TCD (and not for merely playing pronoun games) and had been a fixture (and captain) of the Irish Schools international team throughout his years at St. Conleth’s.  And, as you can see below, Daniel also picked up a few additional trophies during his student days, at the intramural, Leinster and national level.  (Such success almost erases that memory of getting dunked on (and we mean ‘on’) in Second Year Basketball. Almost.)


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The reason that St. Conleth’s is, ‘beyond debate’, the best in the country is because alumni like Daniel and the ubiquitous Conor White (c. 2013) keep coming back to nurture the next generation of Leinster and world beaters.  Current Auditor Oisín Dowling and Conor Power made it to the Leinster Senior Semifinals and the Junior teams of Oisín and Evan Power and Joymarita Rajinikanth and Trevor Bolger are into the Quarterfinals.  And the ‘house’ debates are heating up, with Oisín Power and Conal Richards winning the first one of the year and the serious ‘trophy’ debates about to begin.  So, stay tuned as the debaters battle the fencers and the chessmen for pride of place in the headlines!