Believe in Science!

After enduring the zealotry of the covid cartel for all things scientific, or those things apparently so, it was a relief to have a guest speaker who could reasonably and engagingly discuss these matters without invective or condescension. Fr. Conor, a Dominican Friar, led our Fifth and Sixth Years in discussions regarding the misunderstood, and misrepresented, nexus of Science and Faith. Fr. Conor impressed us with his knowledge, open-mindedness and manners, and our boys and girls returned the favour. The perfect precursor to the Sixth Year Retreat!

Fr. Conor shared the image below with the students before his talk. It is a tiny piece of parchment from the 7th century that can be seen in St. Maurice in Switzerland. St. Brigid is on top and our very own St. Conleth on the bottom!