Basketball Gurlz Win Two On The Bounce!

We knew things would be different at St. Conleth’s when co-education took full effect and the girls began to appear in our younger years in significant numbers.  We imagined a kinder, softer social milieu at the school, with better manners in the hallways and perhaps an additional request or two, for scented soap in the lavatories or better colour co-ordination of the summer flower plantings, for instance…  What we did not expect was a bunch of rip-roaring, backboard rattling, net-snapping gangsta gurlz raising the gym roof with their gusto and running riot over the opposition!  So much for the potential debutante dates for the ‘sons of Catholic gentlemen’!

Well, Basketball Coaches Ingle and Gahan have no problem with the vitality and velocity so far exhibited by our First and Second Year Teams as they have showed tremendous spirit in every game, and just last week, emerged with a double victory over Sandford Park.  And let us not forget the First and Second Year boys, who also have begun their season displaying considerable amounts of both talent and effort, losing a few close ones and with our First Years winning an exciting buzzer beater.  After the U16s and U19s title-winning seasons, and a strong start from the younger teams, it looks like St. Conleth’s Basketball may well be entering a new golden age!