Bank! And Your Debt is Gone!

We have been punished over the years with various build-a-bank names which play upon famous film franchises (remember The Empire Strikes Bank and Banchorman: The Ledger Continues?) but we have to admit that The Cillit Bank really pays dividends buy bravely venturing into the realm of household cleaners.  It works so well that we have forwarded the photos and promotional pieces to the heirs of Barry Scott, and they said that their lawyers will soon be in touch… obviously to congratulate Mr.Trenier and his TYs!  In the meantime enjoy the pics below of the bank’s launch.  The professionals from AIB were around to provide shrewd advice and to assure due diligence but the show was all the boys’ alone, as Giorgio Mucciacito, Suyash Patidar and Oisín McGinley launched their student bank with consummate skill and a good bit of panache.  The competitions and freebies drew the youngsters in and, like with many a third-mortgage-taker in days gone by, when the smoke had cleared and the confetti had settled, the signatures were somehow on the bottom line!   Seriously, a generous bonus was provided by AIB for openers of student accounts and it was a win-win situation: the TY boys gained valuable business experience and the general student body got a whiff of the financial sector’s profits while still learning the value of saving and austerity.


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