Junior School Extra Curricular Activities 2018-2019

All Junior and Prep School pupils were present for at least part of the day today and our early morning supervision and after school club have started also. We would hope that the majority of our extra curricular activities will begin in weeks 2 & 3. Here are the confirmed start dates for the following activities.

Science Club (5th & 6th) – Tue 4th Sep.
Coding (2nd-6th) – Wed. 5th Sep.
Karate  (JI-6th)   – Wed. 5th Sep.
Soccer (2nd-6th) – Wed 5th Sep.
Maths Club (5th & 6th) – Thu 6th Sep.
* Fencing (1st-6th) – Fri 7th Sep.
Chess (2nd-6th) – Mon 10th Sep.
Mini Tennis (JI & SI) – Mon 24th Sep.
Playball (JI & SI) – Thu 27th Sep.

* 2nd-4th begin their swimming block on this day and cannot do this Fencing block

Please note that early morning Tuesday and Friday fitness classes for 4th, 5th and 6th Form will be open for booking once sports hall timetable has been agreed.
There may be after school basketball classes offered for 5th and 6th Form on Tuesdays and optional extra rugby coaching on a Thursday after school for those interested from 5th and 6th Form once the sports timetable has been agreed with the Senior School.
Any changes to these start dates will be communicated immediately.
Late cancellation of any of these activities on a particular day will be communicated via text message and pupils will be supervised if necessary until collection.