Art for Art’s Sake!

With Ms. Halpin at the helm, why would we ever settle for just the ‘a’ in STEAM? No room on our ever-expanding campus is responsible for more invention, imagination and fun than our lovingly lit Art Room and no academic or intellectual pursuit is closer to the Conlethian core mission of self-expression, creativity and the pushing of boundaries. We read earlier how Ms. Mellon is leading the Juniors to ever expanding artistic horizons: now it is time to check in on the Senior School. Below you see some of the work which Ms. Halpin’s charges have been getting up to, from exquisite watercolour paintings in Transition Year through the patterned glories of Second Year ‘wallpaper’ to the functionally fantastic clays of First Year. Remember to check our Art Subject Page, where we plan on showing off all of our recent masterpieces!

Transition Year Paintings

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Second Year ‘Wallpapers’

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First Year Clay Sculptures

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First Year Clay Snowmen

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